Animation Reel

Music: Twit Twoo by The Corvettes

Breakdown of Contributions:

0:04-0:31: Animation from my thesis film, “School Spirits”. Everything from character design, storyboarding, animation, and cleanup and color was done by me. Voice actors were the only parts I didn’t do here. Animated traditionally, cleaned up/colored with Toon Boom Harmony.

0:32-0:34: After effects animated rig of a cowboy. Artwork and rig created by me, as well as the animation. Made in Adobe After Effects with plugin Puppet Tools.

0:34-0:45: CGI animation in Maya Autodesk. I did the animation only. Rig by Audio from the TV series, “Parks and Recreation”.

0:45-0:46: Traditionally drawn animation with original character of my design, the cowboy dinosaur.

0:46-0:48: Animation only. Part of the short film, “Oniden”. Traditionally drawn.

0:49-1:02: Animation from my short film, “Flight or Fright”. I was responsible for the concept, storyboarding and animation.

1:03-1:12: CGI animation in Maya. I did the animation only. David rig by Gabriel Salas, and Douglas the Corgi rig by Brandon Schaal. Audio taken from the TV series,”Psych”.